Price List—Translation

Our prices for standard documents (marriage certificates etc) are fixed and usually very low compared to our competitors. We also deliver in usually less than 24 hours.

For all other services related to the Indonesian and Malay language please contact us by email.

We accept payments in all major currencies. We have bank accounts in the USA, New Zealand, Indonesia, and Germany. The following prices are NZD & USD prices.

Document Price Turnaround Time
Birth Certificate
Akta Kelahiran
$50 1 day
Marriage Certificate
Buku Nikah
$80 1 day
Driver License
$40 1 day
Legal/Technical Documents $0.15-0.25/word 5 pages/day
General Documents $0.10-0.20/word 5 pages/day

Price List—Interpreting

Service Price Remarks
on-site Interpreting $90/hour Available in Oahu and Auckland
Telephone Interpreting $2/minute First 10 minutes: $30